Irish Clothes Guide For Men: Four Pieces of Clothing You Should Own

There’s a feeling of nostalgia to Ireland. It’s the place where you can immerse yourself in Irish culture, from the language to the food and drink. However, one thing that people forget about is that Ireland has a lot of great clothing for men as well. 

In this guide, I will discuss various different types of clothing that you need to know if you want to look like an Irishman or at least feel like one!

  1. The Aran Sweater

Aran sweaters are hand-knitted sweaters from the Aran Islands, a group of small islands off Western Ireland. The wool of sheep that graze on these rocky landscapes is used to make these traditional garments.

The Arans have been known for their distinctive style since the 16th century, when they were first introduced to Ireland by Scottish merchants who traded with them through Dublin port. Today’s versions are still produced using this traditional method and range from lightweight summer gear to heavy winter coats made from thick tweed fabrics dyed with natural dyes like madder root or pokeweed juice (a type of plant). 

  1. The Cap

The Irish Tweed cap is a traditional Irish headwear. It’s synonymous with Ireland and an iconic piece of clothing. It’s practical, versatile and comfortable—a great combination for any outfit.

  1. The Tweed Jacket

The tweed jacket is a classic British garment. It’s made from pure virgin wool and has been made for centuries, but it has become particularly popular in recent years. The most common colours are green, brown, black and grey—and they’re all quite stylish!

But before you purchase one of these jackets, there are some things you should know about them:

  • Tweed is a woollen fabric woven from pure virgin wool that’s very durable. This means that if your tweed gets wet or dirty (which will happen), simply throw it in the washing machine and dryer to get rid of any stains or odours on your clothing. Some people even recommend airing them outside overnight before wearing them again so they can air out any bad smells from being worn all day long!
  • Tweed is considered elegant because it’s a natural material that breathes well; therefore keeping you cool during hot weather days when wearing shorts/trousers might be uncomfortable due to sweat caused by walking around outside without having anything else between yourself and the sun on your skin.
  1. Flannel Grandfather Shirt

This is one of the best-selling men’s shirts in Ireland. It is a classic men’s shirt. Made from 100% flannel cotton, the flannel grandfather shirt is very soft and guarantees warmth and comfort throughout the day. The fabric is also very durable so you can wear it as often as you choose.

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There you have it, a rundown of what the Irish men are wearing. The list is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully gives you an overview of some of their favourite pieces that can be worn with just about anything. Which piece would you like to own?

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